Saturday, October 27, 2012

Historical Romance Saturday: Bronwyn Scott

In this feature we will highlight an Author and a book in the historical romance genre that we or one of us really like. But it is mostly about the book. It sort of like a recommendation of a really great read.
This feature is a weekly feature and will be posted every Saturday. If you want to join you are more than welcome to either you just leave a comment with a book you highly recommend or if you want to join with your own post. But if you do don´t forget to leave a comment with your url and to link back to us in your post so others can join in on the fun. You are welcome to use our button or use your own.  
This week I am featuring an author who I was recommended to read by my youngest sister, who also have a thing for historical romance. I love books especially historical books that is about the independent woman. And the heroine in the book I am presenting to you today is very independent.  I also love that Scott´s hero´s and heroine´s usually work together to solve a problem or conflict but they stay true to their relationship and their feelings for  each other, how perfect is that?! Scott has a great writing style that really involves you as a reader and keeps your interest! So I must say that I really recommend you to read something by Bronwyn Scott if you haven´t already! You can find out more about her on her webpage

A thoroughly compromised lady by Bronwyn Scott

When it comes to fencing, be it with words or weapons, Dulci Wycroft considers herself more than the equal of any man. Only once has she ever met her match....Jack, Viscount Wainsbridge, is all charm and quick wit in the ballroom, but his impenetrable green eyes hint at darkness underneath. His dangerous work leaves no space for love--yet Dulci's voluptuous figure is impossibly tempting.

He's sure it won't take him long to discover if her sharp tongue can have other, more pleasurable, uses.

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