Monday, May 23, 2011

Book review: Morganville, Omnibus 1 By Rachel Caine

Title: Omnibus
(contains; Glasshouses, dead girls dance and midnight alley)
UK´s edition

Author: Rachel Caine

Genre: Young adult
My rating
On the cover:

Claire finished high school early and is attending Texas Prairie University (aka TPEwww) at the tender age of 16. Her parents wanted to keep her close to home rather than shipping their young genius off to MIT or Yale. Claire is having trouble adjusting to college life, because of a gang of girls that keep tormenting her. One day it goes too far and Claire is pushed down the stairs and badly injured. She has to find someplace else to live other than the dorm or her life could be at risk.
Claire’s chance to get out arrives in the form of an ad looking for a fourth roommate in an off campus house. Claire arrives at the house bruised, bloodied and in tears. Eve, one of the roommates takes pity on Claire and invites her in. The other roommate Shane seems to like her as well but they have to get final approval from Michael, the owner of Glass House. He reluctantly allows Claire to stay even though she is underage. They know it’s not safe out there for Claire and she finds out why when Eve explains that Morganville is run by vampires. The only protection they have is to stay inside the Glass House which has some secrets of its own.

My review:

I like this series. It's different. Claire comes to the town of Morganville, when she is 16 years old to study at university there. But the city is not very welcoming. In the corridor where she lives the popular girls tries kill her by pushing her down the stairs. She soon realizes that she is not safe where she is and can not count on any help either. She goes to a house off campus where they are looking for a new tenant. Michael the owner of the house allows her to stay despite their rules not to bring in minors. Claire also learns that the city controlled is by vampires and the people there are not more than cattle to them. This book is a bit different than other vampire books where the bad guys are vampires and the good? are people but Claire soon discovers that not everything is black or white. The books are very exciting and things happens all the time. you get carried away from the first page of the book and are turning page after page in the book to find out what happens next and how it all hangs together really. Want to read a book that you will not be able to put away from you, then you should read the Morganville series. The series includes 10 books. Next Omnibus expected to start in October and Book 11 is coming this Autumn.

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