Thursday, June 23, 2011

Faithful & Forgiven

I came across these to lovely books when I browsed the internet for some new reading.
What got me hooked to be honest was the cover of the second book because that´s the one I first saw.
After that I read the synopsis of the books and I fell in love.
Mostly I read supernatural books and I wanted something different this time so...
Has any of you read these book and if so, what did you think?
Are they as good as they look? =)

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Title: Faithful
Author: Janet Fox

About the book

In 1904 Margaret Bennet has it all – money, position, and an elegant family home in Newport, Rhode Island. But just as she is to enter society, her mother ruins everything, first with public displays, and finally by disappearing. Maggie’s confusion and loss are compounded when her father drags her to Yellowstone National Park, where he informs her that they will remain. At first Maggie’s only desire is to return to Newport. But the mystical beauty of the Yellowstone landscape, and the presence of young Tom Rowland, a boy unlike the others she has known, conspire to change Maggie from a spoiled girl willing to be constrained by society to a free-thinking and brave young woman living in a romantic landscape at the threshold of a new century.

Title: Faithful
Author: Janet Fox

About the book

Forgiven is the story of Kula Baker, who must learn that the key to a happy life lies in accepting yourself.

"A new century lay open before us, where all things could be made clean and shiny, even a man’s soul. Why, if it was true as I’d heard tell, that men could get up in the air in flying machines – imagine! Men flying like birds! – why, then, anything was possible.

Wasn’t it? Couldn’t I lift out of here until I was wrapped in the blue bowl of the sky, free? Couldn’t I fly like a swallow out over these thick-timbered woods, these braided rivers and steaming rocks and sullen springs and hulking peaks?"


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Dana said...

I haven't heard of either of these but I'm going to look for Faithful. I love the cover (and the description, of course)