Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wicked lovley in hard cover

All books I buy have to be in hard cover. Well books are art to me and really hard cover books just looks so much better in the bookshelf. I want to start reading the series of wicked lovley, problem is that the first book is not available in hard cover. So I was looking at amazon and I saw that you can buy used copies there. My question is, can you trust that the books you buy there are in good shape? Have any of you bloggers out there any excperience with buying used copies on amazon??
I will be most grateful for any awnsers you can give me.


Peggy said...

I have bought a few books on amazon, but if I want something that I can't find in stores I usually buy from It is a used book site run by ebay. You use your ebay account. I have had a lot of success buying from there (textbooks and reading for pleasure books). Just make sure you read the description and buy from someone with good reviews. They describe the books better than amazon, in my opinion.

Cecilia said...

Okey, thank you peggy, I will try that