Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ashlyn´s radio by Wilson Doherty

Author: Wilson Doherty
Title: Ashlyn´s radio
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
Format: e-book, kindle edition
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My rating

About the book:

Ashlyn is crushed to have to move to Prescott Junction, Maine, where nothing happens.Except apparently for the ghost train that rolls through. Ashlyn scoffs at the idea.... Until she sees it herself. Then there´s the old radio in the basement that reports events yet to happen, and which tells her she´ll board the ghost train. Ashlyn will need her new friends as she faces the evil conductor. 

My thoughts
This is a great ghost story. I really loved it. It was really thrilling to read and I finished it in a day more or less. Of course there was also a great love story, and who can resist that. And I must say that this particularly love story was great I loved Ashlyn and Caden. They were just so sweet with each other and they did not take any bull shit form anyone. Ashlyn is a really strong Character. She knows what she wants and she wants Caden. She isn´t afraid to challenge the evil that holds the town she moved to. Her friend Rachel is also a very interesting character in the book and a real  friend to Ashlyn. A ghost story at it´s best and I most definitively recommend this book, it was a great read!

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