Thursday, August 25, 2011

Book review: I never fancied him anyway by Claudia Carroll

Author: Claudia Carroll
Title: I never fancied him anyway
Genre: Women´s fiction
Series: None
Format, my copy: paper back
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My rating
On the cover:

Cassandra can see the future with 100% accuracy . . . for everybody except herself. 
Ever since Cassandra was a little girl, she's had a remarkable psychic gift. Now a successful columnist for a weekly magazine, she predicts the future with uncanny precision. And thanks to her stunning co-worker Charlene—and the latest love of Charlene's life, hot television producer Jack—Cassandra's moving up . . . to daytime TV! 

The trouble is, whenever Jack's around, the hapless seer's second sight goes dim—something that always seems to happen when a desirable single male is around. But despite a truly abysmal dating record, she believes Jack is the one for her . . . though Charlene might strongly disagree. Is true love or outrageous catastrophe right around the corner? Cassandra doesn't have a clue. But it seems even being able to foretell the future can't protect her from what destiny has in store . . . and sometimes fate won't allow you to look before you love.

My Thoughts
 I love this book, it is a wonderful book mostly about friendship and of course  some love for good measure.  The story is great, amusing and just plain funny. You´ll get a few laughs trust me. This book is written with a high dose of humor. And you just fall in love with the character Cassandra! She is adorable. She is funny, psychic  and extremely unorganized and it somehow work for her because it makes her adorable even though a bit annoying I am sure for the people around her. She leave everything to the last minute and always seems to find other and more important things to do than her job. Don´t get me wrong she loves her job she´s just a bit loopy. And to her defense she does get the job done even if it is the last minute possible. She is a really lovable character and you just can´t help but like her. She also has great support characters around her in the book. Over all, this is a great read and I am sure you will love it. 

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