Saturday, August 6, 2011

Book review: The perfect man by Sheila O´Flanagan

Author: Sheila O´Flanagan
Title: The perfect man
Series: None
Genre: Women´s fiction, Chick lit
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On the cover:
The perfect man tells the story of Britt and Mia McDonagh, two sisters who have totally opposite opinions when it comes to love. Britt who´s debut novel 'The perfect man' was an instant success, doesn´t believe in romance since her marriage broke up, but Mia, single mom to Allegra, believes in THE ONE and is still in love with her daughter´s father. The two sisters go on a cruise, to speak about Britt´s book and meets Leo who is hiding a heartbreak and Steve who works on the ship. Nothing seems to happen until they all go home and they all have to take risks if they want a happy feature. 

My Thoughts:
This book was totally okey. I enjoyed it but it wasn´t amazing. It is a very long story, too long for what actually went on in the book. I usually can´t put books down when I start to read but this book was just to slow. It felt like it didn´t really happened much so I felt myself have a bit problem to finish it. I just kept thinking about the next book I wanted to read and that is never a good sign. But it wasn´t bad. I really enjoyed the way the two sisters worked on their relationship and got closer to each other. But there was not all that much romance in the book. I thought there would be more since it was implied at the cover (at least in my opinion it was). Any who. Absolutely readable but not a "go out and buy it right now" kind of book!

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