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Author Interview with Sherry Soule + Awesome giveaway!

Today we are so happy to be able to post an awesome interview with the author Sherry Soule but there is more, we will also host a giveaway for her! And the price is her first book Beautifully Broken in paperback with an uber cool bookmark included! You can find the link to the form at the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway!


Info about the book:
Author: Sherry Soule
Series: A spellbound novel #1

 Where did you find your inspiration for this novel?
It has been a labor of love for over three years. I love all things supernatural and I have a morbid fixation with haunted houses. Hence, the idea for the eerie, ghost-filled, Ravenhurst Manor.
Shiloh and Trent’s relationship feels kind of complex to us. How would you describe it without giving away too much?
Sure, they had chemistry and attraction, but they also had a few arguments and misunderstandings, which naturally happen in most relationships. Because each character is emotionally flawed in their own way. (Let’s not forget the fact that the heroine has to deal with a wraith, the usual teen traumas, a dysfunctional family she loves to hate, and a demon trying to kill her.)

For the hero, Trent, his mother died at a young age and his father abandoned him after her death. He’s been hurt and neglected by his family. His arrogance is his shield against getting to close to anyone, because he is afraid of getting hurt.

For the heroine, Shiloh, her mother has never really been the “motherly” type. She is cold and indifferent. Years ago, Shiloh tried to kill herself and her mother didn't even bother to come to the hospital to see her. It wounded her deeply. Shiloh strives in school to get grades and be noticed, earn some praise from her mother. This doesn’t work.  
In a way, both of these characters are very needy of parental love and acceptance. Openness and honesty is hard for them. When they find each other it’s difficult to let down their carefully built walls and…just trust their hearts.

Besides, I’ve always thought the hottest romances were the ones with a little friction, passion, and tension, don’t you?
We just love Shiloh’s character! Where did you find the inspiration for her personality?
I admit that Shiloh has a lot of my own snarky attitude in her. I wanted her to be supernatural and powerful, so she became a Heritage Witch. The Thirteenth Daughter born into a family of Wiccans and the most powerful witch since the Charmed Ones. I think she’s a tad like Phoebe Halliwell too. Quirky and loveable yet able to kicka** too. Because witches need love too! :-D
 How many books can we expect in the SPELLBOUND series?
So, far I think there will be four or five, but of course, I’ll let the fans dictate that. If the series takes off (which I hope it will) then I’ll keep writing books in this series. It’s all wait and see. If the next book, BEAUTIFULLY HAUNTED does well, I’ll start editing the third book. If not, then I’ll work on something else.
 Last but not least... Anything random that you would like to share with our readers?
Aside from writing, I enjoy reading poetry, online shopping, digging through flea markets, exploring old cemeteries and Victorian mansions, and watching scary movies.

Where you can find me online:
Official website:
Join me on Twitter: @WriterSherry
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