Friday, September 16, 2011

Book Blogger Hop!

This blogger hop was created by Jennifer at Crazy for Books.

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As a book blogger, how do you introduce yourself in your profile?

Well I will just post it right here for your self to read :) 
Easier that way. But mainly a little intro about me and then when I started to read and what I read and stuff like that. And yeah there is a pic of me as well, but you have to go to the about page if you wanna see it.

My name is Cecilia and I'm the oldest of three sisters. I am 27 years old, married for over a year now and has a young son who was born in october 2010. I live in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden a small country in northen Europe.When I work, I am a teacher of five year olds. But right now I'm on maternity leave. I love to read books. I discovered the world of books when I was 13 years old andwanted to escape reality. Booksare great when you want to do that, I asure you. In my teens I read a lot of romances and novelswith complicated life stories. Myfavorite authors at that time was, Rosamunde Pilcher, Maeve BinchyNicholas Evans and Nora Roberts to name a few. Today I am very fond of Urban fantasy books of all kinds and paranormal romance books. So far I havefound most books aimed for and about young adults but I hope to find books that are also addressed to us a bit older but I am very fond of reading booksfor young adults. It's really fun. Sometimes I wonder where the time went, itfeels like it was yesterday I turned 18, but it was actually nine years ago. Yes where did the time go? Right now my favorite authors are Richelle MeadStephanie Meyer, Rachel Caine, and Marian Keyes, but the more I read it can always change!


Tribute Books Mama said...

Enjoyed reading your profile, have a happy Friday!

Beth D. said...

Cool that the three of you do a blog together.

Happy Friday!
Beth ^_^

Jessica@a GREAT read said...

With my about me post I just kept it simple. I can be pretty simple at times, at least on the surface. Of course with other things I am totally simple. Yet with other things I can be weird complex and detailed.

I guess to sum it up, I'm weird! ;)

Here's my Friday Hops

Have a GREAT weekend!

Old Follower :)

steph from fangs, wands and fairy dust said...

Fab site. Hope all is well in Sweden. Thanks for Visiting. Steph

Beckvalleybooks said...

New follower via book blop hop hoping you will follow us back at thks in advance xx

pussreboots said...

I recently changed my profile to reflect the fact I'm almost done with library school. Please come and read my new introduction.

Zakiya LadyWings said...

Stopping by from the Hop. Awesome profile! Happy Reading :)