Sunday, October 16, 2011

In my Mailbox

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. It is a way for book bloggers to post what they have received for review, borrowed from a friend, bought at the bookstore, or picked up at the library.

This week I received the following books:

For review:

Elemental: The first by Alexandra May

ROSE Frost receives a bracelet on her sixteenth birthday, a parting gift from her mother who claims it is a family heirloom. From that night Rose starts having vivid dreams and strange visions. 

DAYS after, her family separate and Rose moves into her grandmother's house. Her dreams start to involve a woman called Halíka Dacomé. Is she a legend or a figment of her imagination? DANGER strikes one night. Rose is first on the scene after she smells burning and discovers a car that has been purposely set on fire. She is convinced that the boy in her latest vision is inside the car. The mysterious Aiden Deverill pulls Rose to safety, but not before a window explodes and a ball of fire burns them both. She uses her secret healing gift to heal the scars and to all appearances remains unscathed. But Aiden is free from burns too and Rose doesn't know why. She is drawn to his alluring smile, his gorgeous dark looks and hypnotising blue eyes, but as they get closer her friends warn her off claiming that he's bad news.

Dark seeker by Taryn Browning

For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie.


Rebecca said...

I'm seeing Elemental around more and more these days! Looks real interesting, I have to say. And the cover is quite gorgeous!

Hope you're not freezing too much where you are. ;) Up in Umeå, it's been coooold. Lol!


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Haven't heard of these. Hope you enjoy them both!

Here's my IMM

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

Erica said...

I love Elemental's cover! Enjoy your books :)

Amber (Books of Amber) said...

I hadn't heard of Elemental before, but now I've read the synopsis I am definitely intrigued! I'm going to have to check it out.

Books of Amber

Sara M said...

I haven't heard of either of these titles, but I'll be interested in seeing your reviews.

Jenna and Ashley said...

Elemental looks so good. I've seen it on someone else's blog. Can't wait for your review!

-Jenna @ Fans of Fiction

Just a Lil Lost said...

Oh wow, beautiful cover of Elemental! Looks interesting too :)

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Alison Can Read said...

Fab set! Elemental looks really good. I hope you like it.

Brett @ Demons Read Too said...

I haven't seen these before, but Elemental sounds really cool. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks for stopping over.

Natalia Belikov @ DazzlingReads said...

Hello!! you got amazing stuff! omg!!
btw, new follower here so nice to meet you my dear =)

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take care and happy readiiiiiiiing ^_^