Sunday, November 27, 2011

Book review: The Wedding gift by Kathleen McKenna

Author: Kathleen McKenna
Title: The wedding gift
Genre: Paranormal, ghost story
Series: None
Format: E-book | paperback
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About the book:
Leann wasn’t good enough for her upper-crust in-laws, so they gave her the mansion none of them wanted. Years ago, something or someone in the house killed Leann’s brother. Will its violent secrets kill her next?“ . . . a spine-electrifying supernatural tale where a huge Southern States mansion contains one of the most terrifying, violent and indeed psychopathic ghosts to haunt any town. It is also a murder mystery—why did Robina Willets apparently kill all five of her young children, and her husband, before stabbing herself to death? And, if you are in the camp of believing that 'Justice . . . just is not,' then this will have you frothing at the mouth with righteous social fury.”—Tim Roux, author of Missio and The Dance of the Pheasodile

My thoughts:

What to say about this book? I liked it and I didn´t at the same time. This is a ghost story, and the story in it self was really good and it is told from Leann`s (the main character) perspective. My problem with the story was the characters, or mainly the main character. Leann who is the main character in this story really got under my skin in a really bad way! I just didn´t like her at all. If anyone of you have seen hart of dixie, just imagine Lemon in that series in the way she acts and talks. But Leann is way more shallow and self centered, she just keep on telling us how she is the prettiest girl in Dalton! She is also really naive and seems to believe almost everything she is told. So most of the book I was just really irritated with her. The second half of the book she warmed up to me just because I felt kind of sorry for her but at the same time it was kind of her own fault she ends up with the wrong dude.

But besides Leann being a pain in the as, the story was really good. I liked the idea of the story and both the plot and the writing was different. I think this could be a really good story but it is not for everyone. For me, I need to like the person I read about or I will have some trouble, but I am sure not everyone dislike Leann. I will say this, if you can look beyond an annoying main character and the southern accent this is a really good story so give it a chance if you want to.  

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