Saturday, November 26, 2011

Book review: Ties to the Blood Moon by Robin P Waldrop

Author: Robin P. Waldrop
Title: Ties To The Blood Moon
Series: yes book two is in the making
Genre: Young adult Paranormal urban fantasy romance
Format: E-book (my copy)
Purchace: Amazon

                           My Rating

Genevieve was a normal teenager with normal teen girl problems...or so she thought. Shortly after Genevieve Labreck is sent to live with her aunt in Alaska she finds out her entire existence has been a big fat lie.When strange things start happening to her she seeks refuge in the arms of her new boyfriend, only to learn he's not the boy she thought he was either.

My Thoughts:
I really liked this one I must say! It was a great story with a lot of twists and turns and you really never knew what was about to happen. Robin is a great story teller and I really enjoyed her way of writing and making you completely hooked. I did not want to put the book down. In the end of the story I was completely chocked by one turn of event which I think was really good since it was something you really did not expect. What can I say, people aren´t always what say seem.The story ended with a real cliff hanger and I surely hope there will be a book two! Please please! =)
So to the characters.  I really feel for Genevieve who is completely in the dark about her whole life story. Everything as she knows it changes in a split second and she is so confused. She is a down to earth and likable character. She falls head over heels over William who is also new to town and they become a couple fast. I love William because he is really mysterious and you don´t really know where his head is at. Im not sure how much more I can say without giving away to much. You just have to read it and you will see what I mean. 

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