Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Book review: Spiritus by Dana Michelle Burnett

Author: Dana Michelle Burnett
Title: Spiritus
Series: A spiritus novel book 1
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
Format: e-book
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About the book:
As I watched him vanish into a soft mist that faded away, I knew that he was no ordinary spirit I knew that he was a dangerous entity that could be in some corner of another realm planning his revenge, but I also knew that I was hopelessly in love with him.
When Becca moves into her ancestral home in Corydon, Indiana, her life takes a puzzling and thrilling turn when she meets the ghost haunting the halls. As the seductive spirit lures her closer and closer, she learns about her own past and starts to understand that some mistakes are meant to last.

Becca McAllister has always been different from other girls her age. Never part of the "in crowd", Becca never really fit in anywhere. When her mother dies and her father moves them to the small town of Corydon, Indiana, Becca didn't expect things to change.
But things do change when Becca accidentally makes contact with a one hundred and sixty year old ghost, Alastor Sinclair, that haunts the halls of her new home.
To Becca, Alastor is a seductive spirit that seems to see straight into her soul. To Alastor, Becca is what he was waited a century for--A second chance.
But the closer they get, the more Becca realizes that this isn't the first time she and Alastor have known each other. Worse still, is she the one responsible for his death so long ago? And if so, did he come back for love or revenge?

My thoughts:

WOW! This book was so captivating and it was impossible to put it down. I didn´t want it to end but unfortunately as every book it did end but it will be a sequel and I just can´t wait for it to be released!

This was a love story that defied time, space and even death. It was a truly amazing book with a lot of suspense between Becca and Alastor I mean love but without being able to touch each other? That can not be very easy. 

I love the character of this book but especially Alastor! Wow I mean he is just..... Well there are no words really, you just have to read and found out for your self. He is captivating all in himself. The difficulties they face with their love is great and it gets a lot more complicated when Alastor gets some competition by a boy that is alive and someone Becca can actually touch. There is a lot of love but also jealousy between them. But the biggest question is: Why is he there exactly?  

An awesome book but it was to short, I didn´t want it to end yet and there is much more to this book and it ended really dramatically I think. I get this feeling that the sequel to this book will be completely awesome! I recommend this book to everyone. This is a must read in my list and it is definitely one of the best books I´ve read this year!

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Giselle said...

I keep seeing positive reviews on this one I'm really intrigued by it it sounds awesome!

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