Sunday, January 22, 2012

Book review: High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

Author: Nick Hornby
Title: High Fidelity
Series: None
Genre: Adult fiction
Format: E-book, paperback
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My rating:

About the book:
Is it possible to share your life with someone whose record collection is incompatible with your own? Can people have terrible taste and still be worth knowing? Do songs about broken hearts and misery and loneliness mess up your life if consumed in excess? 
For Rob Fleming, thirty-five years old, a pop addict and owner of a failing record shop, these are the sort of questions that need an answer, and soon. His girlfriend has just left him. Can he really go on living in a poky flat surrounded by vinyl and CDs or should he get a real home, a real family and a real job? Perhaps most difficult of all, will he ever be able to stop thinking about life in terms of the All Time Top Five bands, books, films, songs - even now that he's been dumped again, the top five break-ups?

My thoughts:

I would never have guessed that this book was as good as it was. It was amazingly written with both humor and love. I loved the top five lists Rob does for everything, like his top five break ups. He is such a lovable character even though he is quite a sag figure who is actually quite unhappy with life. He is actually very depressing at times but he is also really funny about it, you just have to love that!

I don´t think I have ever read a book with this much insight to the mind of a male. It is amazing to read about how he thinks about stuff. Most of the time you just want to laugh because some of the things he thinks is just ridiculous and you also realize that men are as fucked up and insecure as we (women) are. 

It was a fun book to read that I really enjoyed and even if this is a school book, at least it is in Sweden it was surprisingly good! I would definitely recommend it, you will be pleasantly surprised! 


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