Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book Review: Torn by Dean Murray

Author: Dean Murray
Title: Torn
Series: book 1
Genre: Urban fantasy

About the book:
Shape shifter Alec Graves has spent nearly a decade trying to keep his family from being drawn into open warfare with a larger pack. The new girl at school shouldn't matter, but the more he gets to know her, the more mysterious she becomes. Worse, she seems to know things she shouldn't about his shadowy world.

Is she an unfortunate victim or bait designed to draw him into a fatal misstep? If she's a victim, then he's running out of time to save her. If she's bait, then his attraction to her will pull him into a fight that'll cost him everything.
My Thoughts:
For some reason I had trouble reading this book in the beginning. I didn´t really get into it. I wanted to give it a chance anyway and I am really happy I did so. Towards the middle of the book the storyline picked up and it was really exciting and a book in my taste. The story about Alec and Adri was really enticing and lovely. 
Alec was a strong character whom I really grew to like. I didn´t feel him in the beginning. First I just thought he was a stuck up kid who got everything he wanted. In the end I started to understand him more and the choices he made started making sence and I really like him.
Adri I liked from the beginning. She was mysterious and you never knew where you had her and what her story was.
I really like that this book is written from the guys point of view since it´s not very often that a read those type of books.
In the book I got the chance to read an excerpt from the book Broken which is the same story but from Adris point of view. I´m really happy for that and I am so going to read Broken too.
So for all readers out there, pick this book up and read it because it was really good!

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Dean said...


Thanks for the lovely review of Torn. I'm glad you enjoyed it and appreciate you taking the time to read it and to let your readers know what you thought of it.