Sunday, January 8, 2012

In My Mailbox!

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. It is a way for book bloggers to post what they have received for review, borrowed from a friend, bought at the bookstore, or picked up at the library.

This week we got one e-book for review.

Broken by Dean Murray

Adri Paige is too busy dealing with the emotional fallout from losing half of her family to deal with boys. At least she thought so until the two most intriguing guys in her new school take an interest in her.

Both boys are gorgeous and blessed with obscene amounts of money. They should have the emotional depth of note cards, but instead display undercurrents she doesn't fully understand. Rumors the pair destroys peoples' livelihoods seem ludicrous until she gets caught in the crossfire and her family almost loses their home. She's increasingly unsure either boy is really human, and their rivalry is rapidly turning deadly.


Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Haven't heard of that one! Hope you enjoy it!

Here's my IMM

Have a GREAT day!

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Dean said...

I'm very excited to see what you think of Broken! I hope you enjoy it as much as you did Torn. Thanks for all do to connect readers with good books.

Alison Can Read said...

Great week. I haven't heard of Broken but it sounds good.