Friday, February 3, 2012

Book review: Fairytale by Maggie Shayne

Author: Maggie Shayne
Title: Fairytale
Series: Fairies of rush #1
Genre: Adult paranormal, light erotic romance
Format: E-book kindle edition, paperback
Purchase: Amazon

About the book:

As a boy , Adam Reid stumbled into an enchanted forest - and met a magical lady who showed him his destiny. Now he is a sober and serious adult. And memories have faded of a childhood event that could not possibly have occurred...could it?

Brigit Malone is on a mission - a dangerous, larcenous quest that leads the mysterious lovely into Adam Reid's home...and heart. For sparks fly when her warm ebony gaze meets his sapphire stare - and a passionate enchantment binds them with invisible chains. But it would be insane for Adam to believe Brigit's arrival had been foretold - or that the sensuous minx is truly half-fairy - even as they travel together down an impossible path toward a dire peril only the magic of love can overcome.

My thoughts:

First I want to say that this e-book is for free on amazon and that all in it self makes this book worth looking in to! Also there are some erotic parts in this book so it is not for young adults.

I loved this book! It was really good. This book was really cozy actually. I liked that the book is written from several people´s point of view, that makes it really interesting to read. How often does one not wonder what the H*ll he/she was thinking! Well you will in this book! 

I also loved the characters Brigit and Adam. They have both have hard times growing up and it has marked them in different ways. Adam is very cynic and mistrusting of people but he is completely captivated by Brigit. Brigit on the other hand has been forced to do things she is not proud of in order to survive and it makes her think she might not be worthy of a happy ending of her own.

It was such a lovely story and I definitively recommend this book. It was a perfect after work light reading that lifted my mood after a long tiring day at work. 

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