Sunday, March 11, 2012

Book review: Deadly reflections by D.H. Sayer

Author: D.H. Sayer
Title: Deadly reflections
Series: None
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal mystery romance
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About the Book:

Justin Wells has a less than perfect life. His parents have recently divorced and he is living with his dad, who does nothing but watch TV all day. They've moved into a house that is falling apart around them. Worst of all, he is attending a new high school, where everyone treats him like an outcast.

Things don't get any easier for him when he becomes interested in Sarah Ellis, girlfriend of all-star hockey player Brandon Tate, a quick-tempered bully who soon has it out for Justin.

Right when Justin is starting to make friends and his life is incrementally improving, an ancient and mysterious entity is unleashed on the sleepy New England town. After a few suspicious deaths, it becomes apparent that something is going on a killing spree... something that can only be seen in mirrors.

As the bodies start piling up around them, Justin and his new friends have to figure out how to stop this terrible force before it picks them off one by one.

My Thoughts: 

I usually think twice before I pick up a book with a lot of horrors like murder and stuff like that but when there is some romance in the book it can sometimes level out the creepy parts of the book, and this was one of those books where it was a perfect balance between love and horrific murder.This book was actually really good and to be honest it is not often I say that about these kind of books and the last time I read a thriller or mystery it got a really bad rating. It can be to much of the scary stuff.

This book kept you on your toes the whole time and sometimes I could not decide who was wore Sara´s ex boyfriend or the monster lurking in the shadows! You just could not stop reading because you wanted to know what would happen next. I also really like Justin, because he just seemed like a really great guy. He really cared about the people around him. 

I really enjoyed to read the book from different perspectives, even tough it was mostly from Justin´s point of view, you also get to read parts from some of the other characters in the story, and I think that is one thing that made this book so good. I would definitively recommend this book because it was awesome!

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