Sunday, March 25, 2012

Book review: Titan Magic By Jodi Lamm

Author: Jodi Lamm
Title: Titan Magic
Series: None
Genre: Young Adult, fantasy, mythology romance
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My rating:

About the book:
Mute, heartless, and tormented by auditory hallucinations, Madeleine Lavoie never questions why her family has hidden her from the world. But the night her brother casts her out, she learns the mysterious voice she thought existed only in her mind is no delusion, and no matter how hard she tries, she can never disobey it.
Now Madeleine must find her own voice in a cacophony of powerful tyrants, monsters, and gods. If she fails, she will forfeit her life and the lives of everyone who loves her. But if she succeeds, she may finally gain the ability to love someone in return.

My thoughts:

Wow! This book was absolutely fantastic! First of all I loved the story, the magic about it, the creatures in it!   How did she came up with this idea when everyone else is writing about angels, vampires and fairies, I have no idea but it works! If you want to read something unique, this is definitely something for you! 

This book is not about the superficial, not at all. The author does not really tell us much about what the characters look like but you will get a sense of it. This story is about humanity, love, friendship, loyalty and trust.
Madeleine is searching for her voice but she is also searching for her humanity and the ability to love and be loved for who she is and not be judged by what she is. All the characters in this book is lovable in some way and at the same time you get really mad at them sometimes. It is hard to decide who is the good one of the guys Will, Jaz and Marcus. I guess they all have their moments and will have your interest till the very end. This story is really beautiful and complex and the ending is unexpected and great and confusing at the same time. I really loved this book and I truly recommend this book with my whole heart! 

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