Monday, May 21, 2012

Book review: The Golden Apple of Discord by Lauren Hodge

Title: The Golden Apple of Discord
Author: Lauren Hodge
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
Series: The Discord Triology
Format: E-book
Purchase: Amazon

My Rating:

About the Book:

Taralie Severin and her three sisters are a powerful coven of modern-day witches who fight evil between bio classes and shifts at the police station. But when Taralie is kidnapped by vampires and converted into the undead, her sisters are ordered by the Milunfra to kill her. The girls refuse and go on the lam with bad vampires and master warlocks hot on their trail. Tara has no choice but to change her sisters into vampires. 

As the young women come to terms with their new circumstances, they encounter the rarest of allies: a band of hot boy-vamps. The guys teach them that everything is not as it seems, their enemies are worse than they'd expected, and they could be on the verge of ending a thousand-year-old civil war.

My Thoughts:

This book was awesome and I had a great time reading it. It was a great mix between witches and vampires that really put some funk into the story. In the beginning I felt myself thinking of The Charmed sisters since some of the  sisters powers where alike. But I really enjoyed it anyway so it  was not a bad thing.

In the beginning of the story Taralie gets kidnapped by a bunch of vampires who seems insane and treets her like their queen or something. This is only because she has something they want. They turn her into a vampire and of course this is a really turmoil event for her. She escaped and went home to her sisters. From there it all began. Everyone suddenly wants Taralie either dead or to join their coven. It sums up to Taralie turning her 3 younger sisters into vampires just so that they don´t get killed in the crossfire.

Now they all have to come to terms with their new lives and what being a vampire is all about. Then they cross paths with 3 hottie vampires. Love love love!
The rest is for you to read so i´m not gonna spoil anything for you.

I love the way Lauren makes the charachters so stong! Both the sisters and the vamp guys.
It gets kind of heated between them since they are all so stong and willful. Especially between Taralie and Alex because they are both "leaders".

I can´t wait until Abomination comes out. The book didn´t really have a cliffhanger in the end but it made me want to continue anyway =)

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Pamela Fagan Hutchins said...

Can't wait to read it, it sounds awesome! Great review!