Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy birthday, day 2: Author interview + InternationalGiveaway with Dana Michelle Burnett


Today is the Second day in our celebration and today we have an Author interview with Dana Michelle Burnett to share with you. At the end of this post you can find the form to enter the giveaway and also read Cecilia´s review of the book in question. It is the second book in the Spiritus series called Haunted and the author Dana will give away three e-book copies of this book!


Tell our readers about yourself 

I am a single mother living in Lanesville, Indiana. I am the proud Dance Mom (it’s not like television at all) to my beautiful daughter. I’ve written and been published in numerous literary and commercial magazines. 

Can you tell us what the spiritus series is about? 

Sure, Spiritus is about a ghost that falls in love with a young girl that he believes is his wife reincarnated. Since it was his wife that killed him over a century ago, the first book centers on whether he is back for love or revenge. The second book in the series, Haunted, is about how complicated their relationship becomes. The third book, Incarnate, is what I’m working on now and while everyone has their own idea about how this series should end, I’m trying to throw some surprises in too. 

How did you come up with the idea for this series? Where did you find your inspiration? 

The idea came from the town of Corydon itself. I drive through it anytime I go to the grocery. I was just looking at the old houses one day and got to thinking about the people that lived there now and the people that used to live there. 

How would you describe Becca? What drives her?

I see Becca as a people pleaser. She wants to make her Dad happy, she wants to keep Alastor happy, and she doesn’t want to break Jonah’s heart. She struggles to name the things that make her happy. 

Alastor is a fascinating character, how would you describe him? And where did the idea of him came from? 

Oh, I just love Alastor! He’s a cross between Rhett Butler and Charlie Sheen, elegant and charming, but still a bad boy.

How would you describe their love and their impossible relationship? 

War changes people and Alastor came back from the Civil War very changed and found it difficult to go back to a normal life. Becca, in her past life, was traumatized by the siege of Corydon and felt deserted by Alastor. Now, Alastor is a ghost, the ever faithful love, but it’s a relationship that has obvious limitations.

How many books do you plan write about Becca and Alastor and when will the next book be out? 

There is one last book in the series which would make three total. Incarnate, the final book, will be available in the fall of 2012.

You can read Cecilia´s review of Haunted HERE and the first book review of spiritus HERE

So now on to the International giveaway!

There rules are the following:
  • There will be three winners!
  • Leave a comment to this post!
  • Tell us why you think you should be the winner


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