Sunday, May 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, day 6: Giveaway of "Do you want to know a secret?" By Claudia Carroll


On day 6 of our celebration week we are giving away a copy of "Do you want to know a Secret?" by Claudia Carroll. It is a unused pocket book. Cecilia has read several of Claudias books and love them.
We hope you will too!

Vicky Harper is still hopelessly single and having to face up to the unpalatable fact that the last time she had a relationship with that highly elusive species, the decent single man, was well before Phantom of the Opera hit Broadway. So, having discovered an ancient book which says you can have anything you want from the Universe...and that all you need do is ask, she decides to give it a whirl. Turns out all she has to do is focus on thinking her wildest fantasies into reality. Kind of like Pollyanna, except with a Magic 8 Ball, a mortgage and a lot of vodka. So, along with her two beyond-fabulous best friends, Vicky decides to put 'The Law of Attraction' into action. Trouble is, 'The Law of Attraction' doesn't come with an instruction manual and Vicky soon realizes that you have to be very, very careful what you wish for.

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