Monday, June 25, 2012

Bookreview: Simmer by Kaitlyn Davis

Title: Simmer
Author: Kaitlyn Davis
Series: Midnight fire series book two
Format: E-book
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My thoughts

I like the whole concept of this series. It is kind of similar to twilight in the sence of a special girl falling in love with a vampire and then she has a guy for a best friend who instead of being a wherewolf is a conduit just like herself and feelings can start to get a bit tricky sometimes if you know what I mean. But here the similarities end I would say.  It really is an exciting read and a book that I would not be able to stop reading if I didn't have other duties to attend to. The author really has a thing for painting up a lovely world in which Kira lives and i love it.

Kira is such a strongminded and lovely charachter that it's hard not to like her. She goes through a lot of stuff from the beginning of book one and really grows into her new role as a conduit. Ofcourse there is more growing to do and i have no doubt that the author will come up with something great in the next book.

Luke who becomes Kiras best friend in "Ignite" is adorable. He is so protective of Kira in a good way of course and he always has a smile on his lips. He is really goofy and complements Kira in the best of ways. He's always there for her when she needs him and he really is just like a big teddybear that you would like to hug.

Then comes Tristan. Whats to say!? I absolutely love him. He is the vampire boyfriend who is head over heels inlove with Kira and will do anything for her. He is warm and safe and at the same time he loves to be a troublemaker.

In books like these there is always easy for me to take a pick of the boy whom i think should be with the girl but you got me here. I reaaally cannot choose this time lol.

Overall I can really recommend these books because they will make you bite your nails, cry a bit and laugh and smile. An emotional rollercoster. I can't wait for book 3! Thank god I don't have to wait for it that long since it will be out this summer :)


Tribute Books said...

Sandra, thanks for the review :)

Kaitlyn Davis said...

Thank you so so much for this wonderful review!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed my book! Just to let you know, I'm having trouble deciding between Tristan and Luke too - I keep wobbling on my ending! haha

Nicole Spencer said...

Hmm. I'm not quite sure how I'd find this one as I didn't like Twilight very much, but if the world building is good, I think it sounds like it's definitely worth a try! Great review :)

Nicole @ Teenage Fiction