Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book review: Eyes from heaven by May Hull

Author: Mary Hull
Title: Eyes from Heaven
Series: book 1
Genre: Young Adult, paranormal romance
Purchase: Amazon
My rating: 2 stars

Eyes from heaven is about a 17 year old girl named Lily who has just moved to a new town with her mother after the death of her younger brother. She begins to attend a new high school and tries to cope with the reality of her brother’s death. She befriends a new face at school who is actually her new neighbor, a boy her own age who also moved to their town. He has no family, no job, and is the smartest boy at her school and who also becomes the captain of the basketball team. Their time together brings about new disclosures about her fears, her desires, and the real reason for his presence.

My thoughts:

I really hate to give a bad review of a book because I understand how much time and effort an author has put in his or her book but at the same time I feel like I need to be honest. This book was not all that good.

I will say this. It had potential to be really good but first of I felt like I had read this a hundred times all ready.  The story just wasn´t original but it could have been if Hull had worked a little more with the book. When I read this book it felt like watching a movie on fast forward only pausing for regular speed at the key moments of the story and that made it hard for me to actually get a feel for the story and the characters in this book.

When you read a book you want to feel like you are there with the characters, that is what makes a great story. You do not want the story to be like a phone call with your best friend who is telling you the story of her first kiss or something like that. You want to be there in that moment and not hear about it.

In my opinion this book needs a lot more work before it can be truly great. It wasn´t for me but maybe someone else will love this story. Who knows?!

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