Friday, July 20, 2012

Book review: The secrets of the Vanmars by Elizabeth Wheatley

Author: Elizabeth Wheatley
Title: The secrets of the Vanmars
Series: The Argetallam saga #2
Genre: Young adult, fantasy romance
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My rating: 4.5 stars

After her adventures with the Key of Amatahns, sixteen-year-old Janir Caersynn Argetallam returns home to find Brevia on the brink of war with a neighboring country, Stlaven. Her foster-father and even Saoven—a brave young elf warrior—think it will be safe at the castle where Janir grew up. However, while trying to unravel a looming mystery, Karile—self-taught wizard and Janir’s self-appointed best friend—becomes certain that there is danger in the mountains surrounding Janir’s childhood home and that it has something to do with Stlaven’s most powerful family, the Vanmars…
My thoughts:

I really enjoyed reading this second book in the Argetallam Saga. It was a great read and just as intriguing and exciting as the first book in the saga. There is also more romance in this book which I love. This book is filled with exciting mysteries, action, love and a lot of humor and we have the best friend Karile to thank for that. 

If you´ve read the first book in this series you know that Janir struggles with her past and the fact that she is an Argetallam and not just that she is the heir and a princess. She is just as insecure and troubled about her heritage in this book as she was in the first one if not more. 
Karile is the funny best friend who always seems to get himself in trouble and he is just as good at that in this book! Without him there would be no story since he is the one who always gets Janir into trouble. 
Something happens between Janir and Saoven but noting is said but there is definitely something there. A beginning of something more than friendship.

I loved this book! I was unable to put it down, there is never a dull moment, something exciting is always happening. This book was greatly written and is a must read this year! 4.5 stars should speak for it self, if you do not have this one in your TBR pile then you should add it right now!

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