Monday, September 3, 2012

Book review: Betrayed by Lauree Waldrop

Author: Lauree Waldrop
Series: Vampires of Splendor
Genre: Young adult, Paranormal romance
 My Rating:
It will get at 3 since I really loved the characters and the concept of the story.

Sophie is an average 18 year old until she is attacked by a vampire. Delving into the world of the paranormal, she soon discovers powers she never knew she had and that the fate of the town rests in her abilities. To save everyone, she must make what seems like an impossible choice between the two charming vampires who have become fixtures in her life. 
My Thoughts:
So, over all I really liked this book but I have some mixed emotions. It had alot of twists and turns that I at first did not expect but the deeper the story got the easier it was to guess how it would turn out.
I really liked the way Lauree writes and how she developed the characters and it always made me want more. Sophie was easy to like and I really felt for her wich I think is very important when reading. If I don´t like the main character I will not continue.
Lucas-The good vampire. A total babe who really liked Sophie and was her best friend even if she wanted more. Maybe he did too.
Daire-The Bad boy vampire. Love love! He just pops in whenever and calls Sophie "blondie" and is kind of obnoxious in an awesome kind of way. Oh, there is some nice tension there!
So to the things I did not like. I´m not sure how to describe it but I think that the way Sophie accepted that vampires excisted was way to easy. I mean if it was me I would need a little bit more persuasion. Also the way she met Daire was kind of weird. Maybe I just didn´t get it.

The story was building up to this final combat/turnout during the whole book and then kind of fell flat in my eyes. Im sorry but it really did. The "big" battle was way to short and was over in like one second it felt like. 
It is really sad since I really loved the characters and the idea of this book. I really hope that Lauree will make it better in the next book and I will absolutely look forward to it since I think that this story has got some potential.

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