Sunday, September 16, 2012

Book review: Manipulated by Kimberly Montague

Author: Kimberly Montague
Title: Manipulated
Series:A Setenid Blight novel
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
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My rating: 5 stars

About the book:
While this novel is set in the Setenid Blight world, it can be read as a stand-alone novel since no prior knowledge is required to enjoy it.
Two months ago, high school senior, Risa Neely had it all going for her: good friends, a good education, and a supportive mother. But all that changed the night her new stepfather attacked her. When her friends and even her own mother believe her stepfather's twisted lies, she has no other alternative but to turn to her absentee father.
Just when she thinks she's been able to move on and carve out a very safe, albeit lonely existence, bad-boy Brodie Decker, the school's hottest man-whore, literally knocks her off her feet. Drawn to the way she's completely unimpressed by him, Brodie knows she hides herself behind a mask and is determined to get underneath it. But he's blindsided by the connection they feel for each other. 
Can Brodie accept Risa as a permanent fixture in his life? Can Risa trust Brodie enough to tell him her awful secrets? And will their connection be enough to hold them together when their friends, family members, and entire city are pulled under a deadly Setenid Blight quarantine? 
Recommended for ages 15&up.

My thoughts: 

This book was awesome and of course it would be! I was hooked from page one and I was unable to put it down! I read it everywhere I went! It was amazing, steamy, romantic, sad, exiting and thrilling. It was really fun to read about Risa and Brodie. They were only mentioned in book 1 &2 so it was great that they got their own story. They have a different experience with the virus Setenid blight then Evie and Devlin had and that was so interesting. It made it a totally different story.

And the love story between these two is just as amazing! I just can´t get over how good Montague writes! I was so involved with the story that I felt kind out of it when it ended. Like I was still inside that book even though I had stopped reading. I had to take a break from reading when I finished this one so I could pull myself out of that world. Yaeh that happens to me sometimes when I really love a book!

I am so exiting there will be more books about Risa and Brodie as well as about Evie and Devlin! This book also ended with a cliff-hanger that made me want to through something cause I didn´t want the story to end! You just have to read this story because it is so awesome! You wont be able to put this book down I promise!

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Braine TS said...

I'll make sure to check this one out and I'm happy that I can read it as stand-alone too. With all the series around I'm overwhelmed with keeping up.

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