Sunday, September 23, 2012

Book review: Of noble birth by Brenda Novak

Author: Brenda Novak
Title: Of noble birth
Series: High seas adventure #1
Genre: Adult, romantic suspense
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My rating: 4 stars

Summary from goodreads:
To escape her cruel stepfather, seamstress Alexandra Cogsworth envisioned sailing far from England...though not as a captive aboard a pirate's ship
Pirate captain Nathaniel Kent's strategy for exacting revenge on his coldhearted father involved taking a valuable hostage...not a seamstress he mistakenly thinks is his half sister. 
Yet fate has designs of its own, landing them both on board the Royal Vengeance. At sea, Nathaniel intercepts and plunders his father's ships, all the while tormented by his illicit hunger for the tempting prisoner he thinks is his blood relation. And although Alexandra wants no part in this terrifying voyage, to reveal her true identity to the handsome, blue-eyed Nathaniel would invite danger. Not only would she become worthless cargo, but the revelation would surely unleash what she and Nathaniel have been fiercely battling - a rising undercurrent of impossible desire that could sweep them away for good.

My thoughts:

I know the cover is a bit cheesy but this book was actually really good! I had no problem staying interested in this one. It was not the typical historical romance. It had some suspense and they did not end up in bed every ten pages like some romance novels. It was close a few times but no more than than that and I find that some how refreshing. Sometimes less is more.

I like the characters a lot. especially Nathaniel! He has such a big heart and he is courageous. He has only one arm and even though society think of him as a cripple that is not how he live his life. I love that he is able to walk his own path even though he has a little hang up on his father. 

Alexandra is also a very courageous woman. She is scared yes but she has courage! And she does not willingly go with her kidnappers, she puts up a fight!

It was a great read, one I had trouble to put down. So if you are a fan of historical romance. This is a book for you.

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