Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Author in the Spotlight: Interview with Genevieve from Ties to the blood moon

The main character of Ties to the Blood Moon took some time to talk to us today about her life, her new destiny, and what ifs.

If you could be a normal teenager without a predetermined destiny, would you take that chance or stay the way you are?
I’ve thought about that and know what I would do. I would have to say stay the way I am. Exactly the way I am…and I won’t say why.

Spill it girl who are you really more attracted to? William or Joseph?
That’s hard to say without spoilers. But what I will say is they both are drop dead gorgeous and any girl would be lucky to have either one.

What’s your idea of a great date??
One where we are not being chased by hunters, or worse. Um, I can’t say a quiet dinner, because I don’t eat regular food. Maybe, a blanket on top of a mountain. Looking up at the Aurora Borealis with a gorgeous hunk by my side.

Could you live without your cell phone?
Say, if I’m running for my life in a foreign country? Then yes.

Favorite type of music??
Definitely pop or metal or new wave…lol.

If someone had told you vampires existed two years ago, what would you have said to them?
Like, are you out of your mind? That stuff only exists in horror movies … and in the minds of writers.

Do you feel like you are brave?
No, not really. I know people say I am, and I do put on a good front sometimes. I don’t feel like it’s bravery. It’s just a determination to save the people I love.

What’s next for you now that you know what you destiny is supposed to be?
Can’t tell you that one. We still have at least one more book to go. (I’m trying to talk Robin into a fourth). I will say this. You will never see the end of book 2 coming. Ask Robin … she didn’t see it coming either. Oh yeah, see … she doesn’t guide the stories. We do. She just puts it on paper for us. ;o)
I’ve talked with Luna and the guys, and we need all the readers to email Robin and help convince her not to end our story after the third book. We don’t want to be locked inside her mind … it’s dark and spooky in there.
Bye everybody! See you soon! ;o)

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Elisabeth said...

Yeah, that's about the only time I can picture myself living without my phone, too. On the run for my life in a foreign country! =)