Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ARC Book review: The Charmed Souls by Christine Wenrick

Title: The Charmed Souls
Author: Christine Wenrick
Series: The Charmed triology #2
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Release: November 22nd,2012
My Copy: ARC from Author
My Rating:

Olivia Ann Greyson is a Charmer, a Dhampir with the power to lure the supernatural world’s most dangerous of creatures – and she’s in an impossible situation. She must leave behind Caleb Wolfe, the strong, protective vampire she has fallen madly in love with, in order to learn how to protect herself from the vampires, shifters and demons that will be drawn to her for the rest of her life.
Human Guardian, Alec Lambert, has been assigned to see to Olivia’s training by the organization he belongs to, which is known simply as The Brethren. He takes Olivia to the group’s stronghold in the mountainous regions of Alberta, Canada, where she discovers the answers to her family’s painful past and the extent to which those hunting her will go to capture her. But she also uncovers many secrets and even more questions about this mysterious group she has trusted to protect her – secrets that will have her fighting to get back to the man she left behind.

. . . but will it be too late?
My Thoughts:

I was really excited when I received The Charmed Souls from Christine and I actually put the book that I was currently reading down to start reading this one instead. And I am kind of happy I did because.....
I think i´m inlove! It was that good! It took me about three days for me to finish this one since I had big problems putting it down lol.
The story was well thought through and there was always action so it never felt slow. Every page counted and was needed. In some books I have read I just feel like some pages are mostly just to fill up space, so the story gets longer but not in this one. Every word I read was pure joy. 
This second book had such a strong story that really takes hold of you and I really felt for the characters.
Olivia: OMG! Things are really working against her even more than  in Charmed Souls and I can´t even imagine what I would do if I were to be in her shoes. I can not say too much without spoilers but I can say that some of the things she goes through where she thought she would be safe, are things that most people can´t handle.

Alec: He is obnoxios in book one but I promise you that you will grow to like him in book two =)
He really is the best (almost) and hottest bodyguard Olivia could get! I love him and he really "grew up" in the end of the book.

Caleb: There are not even words! *Sigh*

There were a lot of surprises thrown at you during the book and that was a big part of why I loved it so much. This is starting to look like it could belong in my Top 5 of best series. It´s really a series in my taste. So, if you have not figured it yet: Go and pick it up!

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