Monday, March 4, 2013

Book review: The Charmed Fates by Christine Wenrick

Author: Christine Wenrick
Title: The Charmed Fates
Series: The Charmed triology #3
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
My copy: Review copy from author
My rating:

Over a year has passed since Olivia Ann Greyson discovered that she is a Charmer, a Dhampir fated to be part of the violent supernatural world that surrounds our human one. In that time, she has strengthened herself physically, learned of her family’s secret past, and found a deep and abiding love with the strongest man she has ever met, Daywalker Caleb Wolfe. But Olivia’s biggest challenge still lies ahead of her . . .
Dark vampire lord Luther Davin has been obsessed with capturing Olivia so he can use her special gifts for his own reasons. As Caleb and Olivia try to make a new life together with their coven, the Nightwalker’s attempts to capture her only intensify and inadvertently bring an unwelcome visitor from Caleb’s past barging back into his life.

She is Caelestis—Celeste to the modern world—and she claims to be Caleb’s first and rightful mate. Although Olivia has grown confident and secure in her relationship with Caleb, she soon realizes that Celeste sees herself as no less than a goddess among mere mortals and will stop at nothing to get Caleb back—which means Olivia herself must die!

When these two threats collide and fate steps in to pull Olivia away from her new family, will she be ready for her darkest hour and her greatest battle?
My review:

Wow, what a conclusion! I loved this last book of the Charmed triology as much as I did the first two. Even a little bit more! This ending could not have been better than it was and it really tied all the knots together. Olivia and Calebs relationship has never been a "walk in the park" but their love for eachother really gets tested this time. Caleb is swoon worthy as usual with all his badboy/goodboy charm. His protectiveness might go a little bit overboard in Olivias eyes but thats totally ok since he kind of has a point!
Sometimes I think Olivia can feel a bit naive like when she runs of to places she should not. But at least she really thinks that´s what she needs to do.

This book had me crying my eyes out and laughing until my stomach hurt and I loved it. Like one big rollercoster! I was totally crying when things got tough for Jax and Gemma! And when Olivia goes to the Brethren it had me lauging a bit. But most of all I was laughing my a** of when the whole post-it/big note on the fridge thing that Olivia did. Mayby I have dry humor but I thought it was hillarious!

We got some more action and blood and that was great. The people I wanted to go away really got what they deserved and it was so hard to not get emotional when Olivia had a hard time. I can´t really say much more about that without spoilers so I will leave it at that.

Over all this was the perfect wrap up for this triology and I did not miss a thing!

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Elisabeth said...

I've heard some great things about this trilogy and I'm so glad you liked it. =)