Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tune in Tuesday!

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by Ginger @ GReads
But this feature can now be found at Katelyn´s blog Kate´s tales of books and bands until further notice.

So, this week I can´t choose just one song so I will give you more =)

Last week I was watching "Pretty Little Liars" and fell inlove with this song. Therefore I chose the video from that.

Madi Diaz - Burn

And this song is from a Swedish girl who performed in a Swedish song contest where the winner will be able to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest in may. She didn´t win but I loved her song.

Terese Fredenwall - Breaking the Silence

An this guy won. I think it´s really good but not the best. What do you think?

Robin Stjernberg - You


Katelyn said...

Holy wow, I am absolutely loving Burn! That was such a pretty, sad song. Thanks for sharing!

Litza said...

It's never a bad idea to share more music. :)

I also agree with Katelyn, Burn is such a beautiful, sad song! I think I may have to investigate more... Woo hoo!

Thanks for sharing!