Monday, June 24, 2013

Book review: Fire Baptized by Kenya Wright

Author: Kenya Wright
Title: Fire Baptized
Series: Habitat #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Purchase: Amazon
My Rating: 3 feet

Since the 1970s humans have forced supernaturals to live in caged cities. Silver brands embedded in their foreheads identify them by species: a full moon for Vampires, a crescent moon for Shifters, a pair of wings for Fairies, and the list goes on, for each supernatural species has been tagged and categorized by humans.

Lanore Vesta is marked with a silver X, the brand of Mixbreeds, second-class citizens shunned by society. She stays to herself, revealing her ability to create fire only during emergencies. All she wants to do is graduate college and stop having to steal to survive. But when she stumbles upon a murder in progress, she catches the attention of a supernatural killer. Now all she wants is to stop finding dead bodies in her apartment.

Enlisting help from her Were-cheetah ex-boyfriend MeShack and a new mysterious friend named Zulu, she is steered through the habitat’s raunchy nightlife. But their presence sometimes proves to be more burden than help, as they fight for her attention.

While the corpses pile up, and the scent of blood fills the air, Lanore is left wondering: Will she find the psycho or die trying?

My thoughts:

Okey so, for starters I have not read many Urban Fantasy books in the past so I don´t have much to compare this one with. It was a nice read even though it was a bit to much "thriller" for my taste.
When I say thriller I mean that it has to much blood and stuff (cut of body parts) that I just wanted to puke at times. I am not a very queasy person to begin with so for me that says something.

When I look past the blood and the body parts I see a good story that will give you a lot of suspense, horror, love, intrigue and humor. I had a little bit of everything.

Lanore is the main charachter and I really liked getting to know her. She has her ups and downs and she has to deal a lot with her emotions and to overcome stuff. She is very brave and loving and I got the feeling that she can deal with anything that you throw her way.

All in all this was a good story. Just not 100% my taste. Therefore I will only rate the book a three.
BUT for those who enjoy reading this type of book I have no doubt that you will like it.

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