Tuesday, July 16, 2013

{Book review} The Kirkbride plan by Kristen Selleck

Author: Kristen Selleck
Title: The Kirkbride Plan
Series: Birch Harbor #3
Genre: Young adult, Paranormal romance
My copy: Received by author for review
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My rating: 4 feet

After a violent attack and a close brush with death, Chloe Adams awakens in a hospital with the terrifying ability to see the dead.
From the busy streets of London to the silent hallways of an abandoned New York asylum, she pursues the dangerous members of Abraham's Men, convinced that she must rally them to fight against the evil plans of the alchemists.
But somebody's been pursuing Chloe, and she's about to discover that in some fights, there are no good guys. 

My thoughts:
OMG this book had me at the very first sentence. And to be honest I knew it would. This book is so well written and the author have thought of every detail.

Chloe has been through a lot during the series. She was released from a mental institution to attend collage as far from her family as she could get. There she meets seth and they fall in love. Chloe does what she can to hide her craziness and the fact that she hears voices no one else can hear. But as the story evolves he gets to know her secret and believes in her. They start to research a secret society called Abrahams men that are connected to the old asylums around the states. chloe is sure this has something to do with the voices she can hear. When we get as far as to the third book "The Kirkbride plan" the search has brought chloe to London and she has to face a lot of dangers and surprises.

This is a book that will capture you from the very first page and it will not let you go until you've read the very last word of the story and you wake up from the daze of being in the grip of Selleck's writing. I can't wait for the final book in the series.

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