Saturday, September 14, 2013

{Author Interview} Anamika Mishra

Today we have the pleasure to put a spotlight on the author Anamika Mishra. We have put together an interview for her today. Last in the post you can read about her book "To hard to handle"

Author of 'Too Hard To Handle', Anamika is also a voracious reader, unbound traveller and an amateur photographer. Writing is her first love. When not writing, she loves to play with her pet, scribble in her Blog , click photographs and travel across the nation.

Tell us about your book and why you wrote it.
Too Hard to Handle is a stand-alone novel. The lead character of the novel is Anushree, who is happy-go-lucky in nature and his Fiance Vivaan, who is a 'Mr. Perfect' kind of a guy. It is about what a common girl faces during her college and school life, series of misunderstandings, betrayal from friends, innocent crushes, stupid decisions etc. till she finds the love of her life. It is also about how fate turns up out of the blue and changes one’s life forever. A 'Diary' places a very important role in the novel.
I wanted people to know how it feels when a girl is blamed and ditched at every step and what is the real meaning of love.

What genre would you say your books belong in?
This book belongs to the General Fiction Genre.

When and why did you start writing stories?
Writing a story to me is giving the words to my thoughts and trying to portray my perception in words and through characters. I had written my first story in 7th standard during a story writing competition held in school.

What inspired you to write your first book?
Different people, their relationships and their perception towards a relationship was the main thing which inspired me to write this book. Some people give preference to past, some to present while other think more about future, when in a relationship. I have tried to tell people that what exactly is important in one's relationship through this story of mine.

Do you have a specific writing style?

How long does usually take for you to write a book?
Approx 2-4 months

Who is your biggest supporter about your work?
My Mom.

Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?
Till now, I only have received positive comments from the readers. They have liked a story line and they way feelings and thoughts are being expressed. There were many surprises and twists in the story which readers have appreciated a lot.
Readers can freely connect with me anytime on twitter ( @anamikawrites ) or drop me an e-mail ( )
They can buy my copy here -

'Too Hard To Handle' is a blend of Fact and Fiction which is enhanced by the essence of Philosophy. It tries to find out the answers for certain questions like what happens if you mess with the flow of life? what matters above all in a relationship ? is it past, present or Future? What if you come to know something about your fiance/spouse which you thought never existed? And above all, Can you really trust your best friend?
'Too Hard To Handle' is story of Love,Friendship,Victory,Fate and LIFE.

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