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All Hallows eve indies blog tour with Helen Boswell

It is so much fun to be part of this tour! I love to support indie authors because they need it.
On this stop you can look forward to meet the lovely author Helen boswell  and read and excerpt from her book Mythology: The Wicked. There will also be an awesome giveaway last in this post, I hope you will enjoy this as much as I will. Happy reading!


A demon with a pure heart, Micah Condie lives his life by a code of ethics, but breaking that code may be the only way for him to survive. A supernatural entity in her own right, Hope Gentry would do anything in her power to protect her loved ones, but she may be the one who puts them in peril.
When the Demon Impiorum challenges the laws that keep guardians and demons in balance, ancient enforcers of justice intervene. Micah, Hope, and their mentor Jonathan become entangled in a conspiracy that will test even the deepest love and trust.
Someone will commit an act of betrayal. Someone will forever abandon a loved one.
Someone will enter THE WICKED.
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I close the door as softly as possible, whispering, “Hey, we need to keep our voices d–”
But Micah’s not by the window anymore, and he grabs me in a hug. I twist around to face him, noticing that his clothes already feel dry if not a little steamy. But those thoughts drop to the floor along with the towel as he pulls me even closer. 
His skin is so warm. 
His lips press against mine and are even warmer. 
He smells like summer, like the warm air right after it rains. I stand on my toes and slide my arms up and around his neck. One of his hands laces through my hair, and the other presses against the small of my back. His mouth opens, the heat from his kiss transferring to me and melting away my stress from the night. 
A tiny part of me wonders why he came back tonight, if something else happened, or if he didn’t want to be alone because of what happened to Jack. But it’s getting harder to think rationally with Micah kissing me like this.
I push him toward the other side of my room, wrestling off his jacket on the way. He laughs a little against my lips and pulls me back until I land on top of him on my bed. 
The fall breaks our kiss, and I grin at him and use the moment to my full advantage, sliding my hands up and under his shirt. He helps me get it off the rest of the way. 
The sound of it hitting the floor seems louder than it should.
Micah’s breath is hot against my ear. “What are you doing to me?” he whispers. 
I open my mouth to answer, but a sigh comes out instead as his tongue traces along my earlobe. The heat of him coaxes my own fire to life, and a shiver coasts down the length of my body and lands right in my core. One of his hands slides from my back to my hip and pulls me close so I’m pressed hard against him.  
I tear myself away from his kiss and breathe. His eyes are the darkest shade of blue and full of want that mirrors my own.
He rolls me over so I’m under him, shifts down and kisses my neck, and I hear his voice in my head. Love you so much.
I whisper back, “I love you, too.”
He stops and raises his head to look at me, confusion in his expression. Had he not intended for me to hear that?
“It’s true. I do love you.” I reach up and run a hand through his hair. 
“I know,” he says, smiling a little, and he lowers his head again. I shiver as his lips make a path of kisses down my neck. His fingertips leave goosebumps in their wake as they inch lower. He undoes a button of my pajama top with maddening slowness, and I hold my breath, the anticipation fluttering in my chest like a horde of butterflies struggling to break free.
But the logical part of my brain fires up and reminds me that I don’t know what we’re doing, and that this could be a very dangerous thing. Out of all of the people in the world, Micah is the last one who’d ever hurt me. Still, it wouldn’t kill me to say something.
I put my hand over his to still it, the gesture going against everything that my body wants. “We can’t,” I whisper. “Not unless ...”
I finish the thought in my head: not unless we know how well my guardian soul is protected from his deimos. Because I might still be in danger from him if we ever get that close.
He takes my hand and kisses it. “I know. I wasn’t going to do anything,” he murmurs. “I was just doing … what we were doing.”
He smiles at me, right before he puts one of my fingertips into his mouth and sucks on it. All of the air leaves my body at once, kills my voice before I can call him a liar. I close my eyes and focus on that singular sensation until the yearning radiates from my finger to every part of me. He dips his head and grabs the next button on my top with his teeth. I barely draw in another breath before he makes it escape again as a sigh. 
Until, not unless. We can’t do this until we know how well I’m protected from him. Because there will be a way for us to be together, somehow. Soon. 

Originally from upstate New York, Helen Boswell spent several years of her early adult life tromping around in the city of Buffalo with frequent trips to Toronto, Canada. These two cities in particular serve as inspirational settings for her urban fantasies, and while Helen has since moved to live in the southwestern United States, she will have fond memories of urban life and high-heeled sneakers for all eternity.
Helen earned her Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from the University at Buffalo and dedicates her time to teaching biology and other fun things to college students, spending time with her wonderful family, and eating chocolate while writing.
The YA urban fantasy MYTHOLOGY is her first novel and the first one in the Mythology Series.
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