Saturday, November 16, 2013

{Book review} Iris by Scott Stabile

Author: Scott Stabile
Title: Iris
Series: ?
Genre: sci-fi, YA romance
My copy: received by author for review
My rating: 5 feet

Sixteen-year-old Iris Capaldi led an entirely ordinary life before the accident. There were no make-out sessions with her best friend, Benji. No homicidal skinheads. No unexplainable flying creatures. And no ridiculously cute, teenaged aliens. Since the accident, however, the bizarre has become the ordinary. It’s an unusual day if she’s not kissing Jamen, her extraterrestrial classmate, arguing with her impulsive, dead mother, or almost dying herself. 

I loved this book.I am so glad I decided to read and review this book, it was so worth the time. This book felt like and breath of fresh air. I honestly haven't read anything like it before and it felt new, fun and exciting. I was curious from the very first chapter and I really wanted to know Iris's story.

One of the best things about this book is that the characters feels like real people. Iris is sixteen and you don't confuse her with an adult. Sometimes I think authors forget that they are portraying teenagers in their YA books and not grown-ups. I don't know how many times I've read a YA romance where the main characters are so mature you start to wonder if you got the age right in the beginning and have to flip back to that page just to reassure yourself that this is indeed a sixteen year old girl or boy you're reading about. Well that is not the problem in this book and I like it, a lot. Iris also react kind of healthy to the fact that her new crush isn't actually human. She think it's kind of weird and doesn't really want to be around Jamen for a while. So i think we have established that I totally dig Iris right?

Then we have the drama, the relationships around Iris.We have Iris's best friend Benji who isn't exactly honest with her about how he feel about their friendship. Then enters the new and exciting Jamen and Iris has her first crush on a boy that kind of puts a little tension in the Benji-Iris duo. To complicate it further Benji starts to date and that makes Iris kind of jealous. This whole Drama around Iris and Benji is so real life somehow and that just makes this book so much better.

The story itself was also really good and it was kind of hard to put the book down. This book does have it's terrestrial elements yes but it also deals with friendship, love, betrayal and secrets. It's an awesome read and I loved this book so much. And the way it ended makes me wish and hope for a second book perhaps?
So what are you waiting for? Go out and buy this right now!

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