Monday, March 31, 2014

{Book review} Sunkissed by Carys Jones

Author: Carys Jones
Title: Sunkissed
Series: Sunkissed #1
Genre: Paranormal romance
Copy: E-book received by author
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: 3 feet

Dawn Summers is dying. It’s 1853 and as the seventeen year old continues to fade away she has visions of the father she never knew, urging her to fight for her life.

In the small village of Fandova the only medical care is in the form of the mysterious Dr. Moralus who has a known penchant for bloodletting. Thomas, Dawn's fiancĂ©, is warned against inviting his intervention, but feels he has no choice, he pleads with the doctor to save Dawn’s life…whatever it takes.

Whatever it ‘takes’ has some consequences neither of them expected. Now, it’s a hunt to the death, with both Dawn and Thomas determined to win.

 I liked this book, it was a nice read. Part of the story is set in the 1850\s and part of it is set in present day. This is a romance but it's more about running and hiding.

The story is mainly about dawn and her escape from the man she once intended to marry. But there is also a mystery around her that she herself is mystified by. She is something unheard of and because of it she is hunted and wanted. She spends all her Life running and hiding, both from her ex fiancé and from the vampire's in charge.

I like her character. She isn't afraid and she face the danger rather than running again when she feels like her past has caught up with her. She does meet someone that she wants to fight for. And even though they love eachother, I feel like their love story is more of a side show and her flight is more the main event.  But then towards the ending I feel like their love story is takes the front seat and thats when things get interesting and unexpected. 

So to sum it up? Well it does have kind of a slow start and I did struggle while reading it at times. Towards the end of the book things heat up and so does my interest. When it ended I wanted to know more. And this is the very reason I give this book 3 feet. It was good but it could have been even better. 

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