Thursday, April 24, 2014

{Book review} Titan magic: Body and soul by Jodi Lamm

Author: Jodi Lamm
Title: Titan magic: Body and soul
Series: Titan Magic #2
Genre: Young adult | Paranormal romance
My copy: E-book
Purchase: Amazon
My rating: 4.5 feet

“Don’t fool yourself. Fool everyone else, but never fool yourself.”
When a young golem called Kaspar befriends a beautiful baker and her daughter, he wishes, for the first time in his life, to be more than just a counterfeit, wooden child. But such a simple wish comes at a high price, and Kaspar won’t be the only one to pay. With the few who can stop him distracted by their own dreams, Kaspar is free to set in motion a naive and gruesome plan. He hasn’t gone entirely unnoticed, though. He’s a powerful weapon left alone and ungoverned, and he’s already caught the eye of someone with an even more costly wish.

 After I read the first book Titan magic, I had high hopes for this one and it doesn't disappoints. The story has many layers and several players in the frontline competing for the spotlight. It is enthraling and it captivated me from the very first page. Lamm writes with a depth that makes you think about the important things in life and just like in the first book the characters deals with love, hate, deception, trust and confusion. Moral dilemmas are in focus during the entire story and it is not easy to know what is right or wrong when you don't have heart or soul.

We have several main characters in this book, and I love the different events that are woven together making the story complex and intriguing. But the best part of this story, for me, is the growing attachment and love between Marcus and Madeleine. It is such a complex feeling for both of them and something they can't understand or trust. How can it possibly be their feelings? When everything they believe tells them they are not capable of such feelings in the first place.

I can't wait to read the next book in this series and see how Madelaine and Marcus relationship develops or what will happen with young Kasper? I hope you will give this series a chance because it is so good and will be well worth your time.

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