Monday, May 26, 2014

Promotional Tour + Review: Krinos by T.L Smith

Title: Krinos
Author: T.L. Smith
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date: May 17, 2014
My Rating: 
My life was simple. Follow instructions, learn the family business and be prepared to take over when the time has come. My name is Eliza, although people in the business know me as Krinos. One thing you should know about me is that my father is a drug lord, the boss in these parts.

I am prepared to do whatever it takes to step up to the challenge and run the family business, to make my father proud, a business filled with drugs, sex and death. What I’m not prepared for though is him, the Greek god who walks into my life and threatens to rock my world.

Now, my life has just got complicated. But don’t misunderstand, complicated is not a weakness. My father was not a man to cross, so expect nothing less from me. I am my father’s daughter, and I will be the boss.

I only have one word for this book and that is kickass! I loved it! It was raw, sexy, adventurous, fun and awesome all in one.
I loved the heroine Eliza  aka Krinos with her bad ass attitude. She is fierce in everything she does and she does what has to be done no matter what. She values family and does everything for them.
When Krinos meets her dads second in command Stefanos attraction instantly hits and oh my it was steamy! I loved Stefanos! He is straight forward and goes for what he wants. And he wants Krinos. It doesn´t suck that he´s a hottie aswell lol.
In the book we get to follow Krinos as she tries to prepare for taking over the family business and there is a lot of action. Usually the books I read there are Kickass heroes so it was soo refreshing to read about Krinos and her awesomeness!
This book I can really recommend for those of you who needs something refreshing =)

T.L Smith is from Sunny Queensland and stared writing from her love from reading, She has two beautiful children that are her world.

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