Friday, July 1, 2011

TGIF #3 and book blogger hop #4

TGIF is a fun little feature hosted at GReads! Every week we re-cap what has happened on the blog plus Ginger asks a question for us to answer. 

This week’s question is:
Mr & Mrs: Who are your favorite book couples?

Well, I just love books with romance! I love romance, I mean who would not? I have to think about this one. I love these questions it makes you really think about what you read and not just read without really think about stuff.

Bella and Edward in The twilight saga. I just love that how much they love each other.  They do not work without each other. And that is deep.

Rose and Dimitri in the Vampire academy series. Wow, the forbidden love. Who can resist? He dies and the comes back but is no longer himself. What is rose to do? Love concurs all!

Nora and Patch in hush, hush. Love and fear. And love and the need to kill the other to be saved. But how strong is their love? stronger than their souls? stronger than the ability to feel touch after thousands of years of feeling nothing?


Todays book blogger hop is hosted by Jen at crazy for books

The Hop lasts Friday-Monday every week, so if you don’t have time to Hop today, come back 
later and join in the fun! This is a weekly event!

Todays question is the following:

What keeps you reading beyond the first few pages of a book, and what makes you want to stop reading a book and put it back on the shelf?

I have no Idea! I really don´t! Either I get hooked or I don´t. But if nothing happens in the first few pages then I am probably out. Something have to pull me in. But I can´t really say why. But I can give you an example. I will give you the first few lines of I book I started a few week ago 
that I just could not continue even though I really tried.

"In the tea room on the third floor of the London Mercury Building, Sarah O´Reilly rolled her st Bruno´s Flake tobacco twig thin, and gazed down through the dusty windowpane to the street.  This was her favorite time of day, especially on days such as this when she´d had plenty of errands to run for Septimus Harding."

I think the problem here is that this is how it goes on an on. To much describing on thing and to little action, you know? This might be the first few lines in the book but if you read ten pages further it would look much the same. Not my cup of tea as you might say. I need something more to get me really hooked! I will give you an example of that too. This is a book I loved from the first page. 

"I´d always welcomed war, but in battle my passion rose unbidden. The bear´s roar filled my ears. Its hot breath assaulted my nostrils, fueling my bloodlust. Behind me I could hear the boy´s ragged gasp. The desperate sound made my nails dig into the earth."

This is another great beginning in my opinion, I can´t really say what it is, but the way this is written just get me curious and this is from the prologue: 

The name of the wing by Patrick Rothhfuss 

"It was night again. The waystone inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts. The most obvious part was a hollow, echoing quiet, made by things that were lacing. If there had been a wind it would have sighed through the trees, set the inn´s sign creaking on its hooks, and brushed the silence down the road like trailing autumn leaves. If there had been a crowd, even a handful of men inside the in, they would have filled the silence with conversation and laughter, the clatter and the clamour one expects from a drinking house during the dark hours of the night."


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Yeah, sometimes it is hard to describe why a book didn't work for me. It really all depends.

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Edward and Bella almost made my list, but were pushed aside by Ian and Wanderer.


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