Monday, October 17, 2011

How do we rate books and what is important when we do?

How do we really rate books? What is important when you read a book? what does a book need, to get to that epic status?

I´ve been thinking a lot about that lately. It isn´t just how well the book is written,  or how good the story line is. For me there is so much more to it than that.

When I read and then rate a book I look at a lot of things. The first thing you meet is the cover. The cover is actually really important to me, it is what draws me in. Then I see the title and if I like what I see this far, I turn the book to read the blurb. These three things is what makes me buy or loan a book. But there is a lot more to reading than that of course. 

The size of the book is another thing. That might sound weird but think about it. Doesn´t it matter to you? I´ve recently bought read the intertwined series by Gena Showalter in hard cover. They are a lot smaller then most books I have and I loved that, it felt refreshing to me. My sister looked at them and said "They look weird". My point is that the size does matter. And then we have the format of the book. What do you prefer? Me? I prefer hard cover and for a while I felt like I didn´t even wanted to buy books if they were not in hard cover but then I realized that there would be a lot of books I could never buy if I had that  attitude. I do read all formats though but really nothing beats the real deal. 

The way the author has chosen to write book is also important. Is it written in first or third person? How many chapters? How big or small is the text? How does the book make you feel? Are the characters likable? Do the characters grow as individuals? In what way is time present? How much is happening in the book and is it too much or too little? Is the book slow or fast?

When you start to think about it there is a lot of things that in the end decide how you will rate a book. What do you think is the most important thing for a book to be really great? I think the most important thing for me is how the book makes me feel.

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