Monday, January 2, 2012

Book review: Dolphin way; Rise of the guardians by Mark Caney

Author: Mark Caney
Title: Dolphin way: Rise of the guardians
Series: Dolphin way #1
Genre: Adult and young adult novel
Format: Paperback | Kindle e-book
Purchase: Amazon

About the book:
Dolphin culture evolved over millions of years so they could remain perfectly attuned with their world, Ocean. Unlike man, they have created an almost utopian society without feeling the need to manipulate their environment, collect possessions or wage war. But the growing pressure of man's activities become intolerable and in frustration one faction seeks an aggressive new path, making a shocking departure from The Way - the ancient philosophy that has guided them so well through the millennia. Sky, a male dolphin close to becoming an Initiate in The Way, unwillingly finds himself caught up in the violent consequences. To save the lives of his closest friends he will have to risk the worst punishment his clan can inflict and must decide between the two females who challenge everything he believes in

My thoughts:

Ok I wont lie. When I first saw this book I was like... ookeey, this is different, and it is but and there is a big BUT, it is really, really surprisingly good, it was wonderful in fact.  Yeah I know it is about dolphins and it is not a children´s book.

This author has made his research and it is a very thoughtfully and well written book. The book handle a lot of stuff. The way of life for a dolphin and how hard it is for them while the humans (the walkers) destroy the Eco system in the ocean.
The book is also about friendship, loyalty, love and strength. I love the dolphin Sky and his character. He is thoughtful insightful and very loyal to the way, his friends and family and he risk everything to save the ones dear to him, a trait I find most admirable. What I like the most is that this book feels so real! Like this is how it could possibly be to live as a dolphin in the ocean.

Caney makes this world really believable and interesting. I never thought I could get so sucked in into a dolphin´s world but I did and I find that I am very happy to have read this book because it was so good. 

This book is exciting, intriguing and thoughtful with a little touch of love. 

Like someone once said: Never Judge a book by it´s cover (or by the title) it might surprise you and this book will I promise! 

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