Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Book review: Splintered by Dean murray

Author: Dean Murray
Title: Splintered
Series: Torn series #3
Genre: Urban fantacy, Paranormal romance
Release date: April 6th
My Rating:

About the book:
 Most girls would have killed to be in Adri’s shoes, in fact several people think that’s exactly what she did. Of course life with a pack of shape shifters isn’t quite what she expected. The time with Alec is great, but now that the rival pack is out of the picture, Alec’s wolves are all starting to turn on each other, and Adri is finding there is less and less she can do to help hold the pack together.

Alec’s determination to keep her at arm’s length physically is just as frustrating as always, but his ongoing refusal to explain the larger world the pack is operating in is starting to become more than just something that keeps Adri up at night. It’s starting to look like something that could get them all killed.

  My Thoughts:

I absolutely loved it! This was a fast paced book with alot of action and stuff happening all of the time. There is a little something for everyone in it. Action, excitement and love. The storyline was more exciting in this third book whitch I liked alot.

Adri and Alec´s relationship was adorable and perfect in a sence that it wasn´t perfect all of the time. Just like a real relationship.
Adri really steps it up a noth and is very brave. She also gets along more with Alec´s pack. She feels more like one in the family.
Alec is like always. You get more into his head and understands his feelings for Adri.
The end of the book really suprised me and I certainly hope there will be one more book becouse I really can not handle how it ended. A complete shock to me, that is one more thing I really liked! The story took turns in ways I never expected.

To sum things up; pick it up and read it becouse it is so worth it!
Thank you to Dean Murray for writing such a good story!


Dean said...


Thanks so much for both reading and reviewing Splintered-I'm very glad that you liked it so much!

Authors I think are always a little nervous when they take the story in an unexpected direction. The response among my other advance readers has been very positive, but it's always nice to have one more person say that they liked they way the book headed.

I can assure you that there is more to come-with any luck 2012 will two more short stories in the series and another novel/novella at the very least.

I'll try and swing back by a couple of times in the next day or two in case anyone has any questions/comments.



Sofia said...

I loved all 4 books I just hope that there is more on Alec and adri.. I couldn't put the books now and read them all within 3 days.. I can't wait to read more of them soon.