Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Book Review: Hybrid by K.A. Poe

Author: K. A. Poe
Title: Hybrid
Series: Nevermore #2
Genre: Paranormal romance, Young adult
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Hybrid is the second novel in K.A. Poe's Nevermore series. If you have not read book one yet, please look for Twin Souls (Nevermore, Book 1) available exclusively at Amazon!

About the Book:
Alexis has come a long way since learning the truth about her vampire hunting lineage. If becoming a hunter wasn't bad enough, she discovered that she possessed a gift few hunters have ever been blessed with. The gift of the raven. But is this a gift or a curse?
When a mysterious new girl starts hanging around Alexis' friends and lurking around town, Alex suspects the worst. Is Claire more than she seems? One thing is certain, Alex needs to learn to control her new ability in order to make sure the ones she loves stay safe.

My Thoughts:
Lovely Book! This was a perfect sequel to Twin Souls and I truly hope we will get to read a third book about Alex and Salem. There is a lot going on in this book aswell just like in Twin Souls but in this one I think it´s more action. And I must say OMG to all of the crazy, sad and confusing things that Alex have to endure in this book. I would crumble instantly if I was her, gladly i´m not her lol. The only thing I do envy is her relaionship with Salem. He is so loving and understanding all of the time and Alex is everything to him.  Alex relationship to her father Paul is kind of strained and weird at times, especially to the end of the story. Not to spoil anything but I really loved the turn Hybrid took towards the end of the book and it will be something to spin on in the third book (fingers crossed for that).

The story is so well written and you can really picture everything in your mind which I love! 
Thanks to K.A. Poe for writing such a great story!

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