Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tune in Tuesday!

Tune in Tuesday is hosted by Ginger @ GReads

What were you listening to when you were a teenager? We all come from different decades, with different tunes.  For this month, please pick some of your favorite songs that bring you back to those glorious teenage years!

The Year: 2002. This year I was 14 years old and going through a Hip-Hop stage lol. I was mostly listening to Hip-hop and RnB from age 14 to age 18 so I guess I will have to give you my favorite hip hop artist. I was kind of inlove with him to lol! I also liked Aaliyah, 2Pac and Nas.


Hollie said...

I loved Aaliyah's voice! Such a great song.

Miss Knight said...

I loved Aaliyah and DMX so much when I was younger. It was so tragic when she died. I still think to this day had she not passed away, there's no way Beyonce would be as big as she is today.

Aaliyah was the better singer and artist all the way around.