Sunday, October 28, 2012

Book review: Incarnate by Dana Michelle Burnett

Author: Dana Michelle Burnett
Title: Incarnate
Series: Spiritus series  #3
Genre: Young adult, paranormal romance
My copy: Epub received by Author
Purchase: Amazon
My rating: 4.5 stars

The Synopsis:
I moved away from him, not wanting to be anywhere near him. I was hurt and angry. Ever since that first night in my room when he appeared to me, we had been moving toward this moment. Why couldn’t he see that?
To be in a love affair with a ghost is both a fantasy and a punishment for Becca. Always searching for balance between her deep love for Alastor and her desire for a normal life, a chaotic period of impulsiveness, death, and mourning have led her to the ultimate turning point. Can she and Alastor go against the laws of nature and cheat death to be together again? And at what price? //ad on goodreads//

My thoughts: 

This book is just as amazing as the other two was and it is well worth 4.5 stars, it was so close to that 5 stars. This was the last in this series and it was good end to it I think. Burnett has a really beautiful writing style and you really understand the feeling she want to convey with her story. It is emotional, sad and beautiful all at the same time

The most amazing thing with this book or rather this series was the way Burnett wrote it. Becca is a young woman with a really troubled soul. She is unhappy, harbor so much guilt over her previous life and her choices in this one. She is in love with a man whom she can never touch and who can never touch her. She is constantly getting pity looks from people around her who think she is crazy. The melancholy just jump of the pages and you can really feel all of her pain of a love she can never have. This story about Becca and Alastor is not a happy one. Every book ends with a hope of something that could turn their story around.

In this book Becca is determined. She is determined to bring Alastor back to life. And this story is a about that struggle and the struggle she has with herself to stay sane and with Alastor who is against her plan and that is also very hard on her. 

This book ooze of pain, loss, guilt, desperation, love and the struggle to gain happiness! This is a read that brings out a lot of emotions. It is not a light read in the least, nor is this series BUT this book, as was the others, is amazing and a book that will stay with me long after I closed the last page. I highly recommend this book and this series. You wont be sorry to have picked it up, I promise! 

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