Monday, October 29, 2012

Contemporary Romance Monday: Nora Roberts

In this feature we will highlight an author and a book that we really enjoy reading from in the contemporary romance genre. There are so many great books out there and so many awesome authors. So this is a chance for us to recommend some books and authors that we or one of us really like. 
I hope you will like this feature and if you like to join in with a recommendation. Leave a comment and/or the url to your own blog post. 

So do you feel romantic today?

I´ve been debating with my self what author to show case this week. There are so many great authors out there who could need some appreciation, or not. :)
Anyway I think I´ve decided to showcase an author who is very well known and I would say that most know of her? Or maybe you don´t? Anyway this week on contemporary romance one of my all time favorites will take the scene. Roberts is an author who have been with me from the beginning. She was one of the first Contemporary romance authors I read as a teenager.  I was hooked right away. She is so good at what she does and sometimes she even throws in a bit of the paranormal in her books. She has a way to just make you fall in love with the characters of her books and I just love that. Her books are perfect to escape to when you need a brake from life. This week I will showcase the first book in the 'born in' trilogy By Roberts.

Born in fire by Nora Roberts

Gifted, reclusive, stubborn, free-spirited...Maggie Concannon is a glassmaker whose exquisite works are more than mere objects of beauty, but reflections of her own true nature. One man saw the soul in her art, and vowed to help this complex woman build a lucrative career. When gallery owner Rogan Sweeney came to Maggie's isolated studio, her heart was enflamed by their fierce attraction - and her dark past was slowly healed by a gentle and forgiving love...

All the books in the series:

Born in Fire #1
Born in Ice #2
Born in Shame #3

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