Saturday, October 20, 2012

Historical Romance Saturday: Brenda Novak

In this feature we will highlight an Author and a book in the historical romance genre that we or one of us really like. But it is mostly about the book. It sort of like a recommendation of a really great read.

This week I wanted to share another author that is quite new to me, Brenda Novak. She is not only a historical romance writer and also writes contemporary romance. The book I read by her is a historic suspense romance. She has a great writing style. She has a way to really catch your interest and keep it. She is also very good at describing the feelings between the characters and the electric atmosphere that surrounds her main characters. This is also a author who writes from two perspectives. Both from her female main character and her male main character and that is a style I really enjoy. Like most historical romances I have read she writes in third person.
Find out more about Brenda Novak on goodreads and her blog

The book I want to share with you is the first in a series called High seas adventures

 Of noble birth by Brenda Novak

To escape her cruel stepfather, seamstress Alexandra Cogsworth envisioned sailing far from England...though not as a captive aboard a pirate's ship.

Pirate Captain Nathaniel Kent's strategy for exacting revenge on his cold-hearted father involved taking a valuable hostage...not a seamstress he mistakenly thinks is his half sister.

Yet fate has designs of its own, landing them both on board the Royal Vengeance. At sea, Nathaniel intercepts and plunders his father's ships, all the while tormented by his illicit hunger for the tempting prisoner he thinks is his blood relation. And although Alexandra wants no part in this terrifying voyage, to reveal her true identity to the handsome, blue-eyed Nathaniel would invite danger. Not only would she become worthless cargo, but the revelation would surely unleash what she and Nathaniel have been fiercely battling - a rising undercurrent of impossible desire that could sweep them away for good.

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