Tuesday, January 1, 2013

{Author spotlight} Introducing Shannon Dermott

Hi Everyone and welcome to Author spotlight for the month of January! It is a new year and isn't it perfect to start it with the awesome author Shannon Dermott! We are both big fans of the Cambion series! It is completely amazing! We will have lots of posts by Shannon this month and you can look forward to Interviews, guest posts, a giveaway and POV posts from the Cambion series aswell as other books Shannon has written! AWESOME or what?

Anyway without further due I give you SHANNON DERMOTT


Born in the north and raised in the south, Shannon Dermott is an author of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and contemporary romance for young adults. Although originally a northerner, she grew up during her formidable years in the southern heat, hanging out and having lots of fun.

It was during those years, she explored her creative side with fictional romance stories about all her teen crushes. Fun times!

Her love for reading constantly conflicts with her need to write. Interestingly, she reads more police procedural than fantasy or romance. When not reading or writing, Shannon is going to the movies, hanging out with family and friends, or best of all shopping. She loves all kinds of music and is currently obsessed with Thirty Seconds to Mars.

Just as much love Shannon has for reading is her first passion for numbers and math.
But though it began with her obsession of reading and math, weaving stories won out in the end.
Shannon can be found at
Twitter - @Shannondermott


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Elisabeth said...

In my rather biased and not-so-humble opinion, you can't beat YA fantasy! =)